Monday, August 9, 2010

Bragging Rights

For those who don't know, my boyfriend Larry has been getting more and more excited about his newfound love of woodworking! Though he has only been doing it for a short time at work, he has definitely decided on making it an every day part of his life at home as well! His first build a workbench of course!! He was so excited that not even a few weeks after the drawing was made, he had it up and built! Where was he to put this workbench? (since we live in a townhome with no shed)...our garage of course! I'm liking this new hobby already since he had to rearrange and clean out the garage to make room for this new piece of furniture (something I have been wanting to do for some time now!) :) 

Here is the finished project created by my babe & second-hand man Brandon :)

Sturdy enough for them to both sit on!!! :)

I love love LOVE that he has found a passion for something (other than fishing and video games haha) as he can now truly relate to the feeling I get when I create something! Now it's on to making a list of all those tools that he needs!! & for me to make my list of projects I want him to work on ;)
Can't wait to see all the things he creates! 



Unknown said...

My husband recently built his work bench too! And he was super excited about getting a hose reel (which hooks up to his air compressor) that can be attached to his work bench. It's such a simple thing.. really.. You know if you and I would have made that, we would have mod-podged the whole thing with cuteness. ;)

Anngela said...

That's awesome for him!! :) I'll have to suggest it to Larry. Carpentry really is an amazing craft. & yes, I would have Mod Podged it completely!! That is why I DON'T create huge pieces--imagine how many jars of Mod Podge we'd have to use ;)