Sunday, October 3, 2010

Desk Accessories: Mouse Pad {Tutorial}

The first thing that I wanted to create for my desk at my new job was a mouse pad. The one I had was black, old and to say the least--ugly! This was my first mini-project for my new desk and work space. This is possibly THE easiest way to create your own custom mouse pad!

Old mouse pad OR cork board 
Fabric Scissors

Step 1. Cut your fabric to the desired size of your mouse pad (not the EXACT size or shape, just get it small enough to work with, rather than having a yard or so of fabric) Choose a fabric that is smooth...nothing with texture--your mouse has to be able to roll smoothly on the fabric. If you are not using an old mouse pad, cut your cork board to the exact desired shape and size. I used cork board (since I didn't think my company would have liked me re-vamping their supplies) and chose to do it in the shape of a circle.

Step 2. Apply Heat-n-Bond to your fabric following the package directions. Once cool, apply it to the cork board (or old mouse pad).

Step 3. After it has cooled, simply cut around the fabric along the shape of your new mouse pad and you're done!! :)

I LOVE my mouse pad at work and received tons of compliments about it.
It definitely represents my personality a lot more rather than a grungy, old black one! :)  



Veronica said...

Love your mousepad! i think I need to give mine a re-vamp too! Thanks for the inspiration and tutorial!

Jen said...

That is a great idea!!! Love it.

Unknown said...

can you make me one?? I'm sporting a lame one with the company's OLD logo on it...something a little more "me" would be nice :)

Anngela said...

Thanks ya'll!! It's super easy to make so I definitely recommend it :)

@Jamie: If we find material that is "you" then yes we can make you one!