Friday, May 27, 2011

Handheld Friends, Part 2 {Clutch & Purse Tutorials}

More clutches and purses?! Yes, please!!
Here are a few more (with their tutorials) that I have made as gifts for family. 

My grandmother and Larry's mom both complimented one of my first clutches that I had made for myself a while ago...Though she was one of my first clutches, I still use her frequently--the button and contrasting inner lining are my favorite features. Here she is!

My grandmother requested one in a black and white and red color palette for when she goes square dancing. I had just the perfect fabric for this! 
I also made a red/black/white bracelet and stuck it inside of the purse for her. :)
I unfortunately wasn't able to get a photo of her actual clutch--but this one was made from the same fabric that I had used for her's--hers was a little larger, had a red stripe on the front, a longer wrist strap and pocket on the inside.

 Larry's mother also complimented the clutch, but since she's the use-one-purse-until-it-falls-apart kind of lady, I was nervous she would love the fact that I made it for her but maybe not put it to use. Nonetheless I had to make her one! She loves the color purple. I found an amazing floral print that complimented a gorgeous purple sparkle fabric that I knew I wanted to use for her.

Inside has a pocket for her ID, cards and cash

Larry's mom and her clutch! She uses it frequently when visiting the Hard Rock Casino, movies and mall! YAY!

I used the good old gathered cluch tutorial from Anna (with a few variations) to create all of the clutches above.

I also made a purse for my sister. She had an old Care Bear sheet set that she had been wanting a purse made out of by my mom for many many years now! My mom passed on the task to me, so I used this past Christmas as an opportunity to make her one. I used the infamous Made-by-Rae Buttercup Bag pattern and tutorial for the first time and LOVED it! I've been wanting to make this purse for quite some time--I as pleased, it is fairly simple and turned out super adorable! I didn't use a heaver fabric for the lining, so I added a fusible interfacing to help give it some shape though next time I think I will try and use a heavier fabric when I'm not subjected to matching a Care Bear pattern. :) Also, instead of a magnetic closure, I used a fabric-button that I made out of the matching Care Bear fabric.


Tia with her new purse--she was very excited to see her Care Bear purse finally come to life!

Glad to share a few more of my purses and clutches--more to come sooner or later! :)


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aStarToSteerHerBy said...

very cute! thanks for sharing the tutorials! it's nice to see some out there that don't charge you to be creative on a budget!