Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dimensional Magic {Easy Bracelet Tutorial}

Here is a super cute, fun, cheap and easy piece of jewelry to make 
(for those afraid of making jewelry!)
I stumbled across this nifty bracelet and thought of a perfect project for it! :)

Dimensional Magic Bracelet
This bracelet is totally customizable! 
All it takes is a few simple steps and time to dry 
and you’ll have a cute bracelet in no time! :)

The only supplies you need are:
Mod Podge Dimensional Magic (now found at Jo-Anns!)
Bezel Set Bracelet (purchased at Hobby Lobby)
Mod Podge (or any adhesive)
Scrap fabric and/or paper

Step 1. Trace and cut your pieces of scrap paper or fabric into little circles. I used paper AND fabric in different shades, textures and patterns (all black and white). For my first circle, I started off by tracing my circle charm from the bracelet, but made it a little bigger. I then trimmed it until it was a good fit for inside the bezel charm. I then used this as a “stencil” for all of my other fabric/paper. Cut the appropriate number of circles needed to fill your bracelet. (I removed a link from the bracelet seeing as how it was too big, so I had one less circle to fill than what it came with)

(Just a few of my cut-out circles)

Step 2. Figure out the order of your circles for how you want it to look on your bracelet. Play around! If you are doing various patterned paper/fabric, then the order of the circles CAN give it a different look! Once you’ve decided on your order, apply a SLIGHT even amount of Mod Podge (or any adhesive) to your charms and attach your paper/fabric to the inside. Let dry just a few minutes until they are all secured.

(photo is just to represent the amount of adhesive--very little needed!)

Step 3. This is the fun part! Apply your Dimensional Magic. Use a generous amount and fill to the rim of each bezel (for the best effect). Watch for bubbles! They will slowly develop as it dries. I had a hard time getting mine to go away…but with patience you can pop these suckers! I used a sewing pin…a toothpick will work just as well. 
(If this is your first time using Dimensional Magic, 
it WILL be opaque when first applied...but don't fret!)

Step 4. Let it dry!! I let mine dry overnight, but it’s pretty solid after about 3 hours. It will be opaque at first, but over time it will dry super clear and smooth

Here is the finished product! :)
Shiny and clear! : )

(It is hard to see in the photo, but the white charms have various print on them)

They have many bezel set pieces of jewelry out there…
earrings, necklaces, charms--big and small!! 
Also, with an unlimited amount of fabric and paper choices... 
Your creative options are endless!

Thank you Ashley from Not Just Grannies for the bracelet mention!

On to other jewelry that I have recently made for birthday gifts!
A red, black and silver necklace and bracelet set. 

A pink, white and coral necklace and earring set.
The pendant can be removed so that she can wear 
just the beaded necklace by itself if she wishes!

(Please don't mind the faces--Larry was making me laugh while taking pictures!)


Friday, September 24, 2010

Oh Baby! {Mini Tutorial}

It's sometimes frustrating that MANY great blogs and tutorials out there are in reference to mothers who make awesome things for their babies and kids! Since I have NO children and won't any time soon, I never really get to partake in any of these crafty creations.

Fortunately, I have friends that have kids! Two of my friends in particular are having little was just born not too long ago and the other had her shower this past weekend. Having a small budget didn't allow for much shopping from their registry, so of course I decided to create the gifts myself :)

The one family decided to do a jungle theme for their little girls room. I made a framed monogram for the baby's room (or wherever they choose to use it!) out of a jungle print fabric and a cutout "R" from two contrasting fabrics and adhering it using Heat-n-Bond. The little wooden animals made the frame that much cuter!

I also made a matching onesie. I've LOVED this design by Running with Scissors for quite some time now and finally had an excuse to make it! I wasn't too sure about the jungle print for a girl as a dress...but it turned out super adorable! 

I used my friend Katie's technique of adhering cutout fabric of the giraffe's on the front of the dress...I also used a zig zag stitch for reinforcement and to give it a little texture. I hope they love the goodies just as much as I do!

Here is the other onesie I made for my friend who had her shower this past weekend. I used a fabric that I got from Larry's grandmother that I LOVE. So bright and girly!

The above photo is what I originally wanted the dress to look like in regards to the embellishment on the top...turns out the fabric (possibly from it being older) didn't adhere to the onesie too well! That idea had to be scratched so I ended up sewing on three floral buttons which turned out just as adorable! :)

I also used a special setting for a floral stitch on the bottom yellow band that turned out just so cute! It's the little details that matter. :)

Hope these little girls strut their stuff in these dresses when they get big enough to wear them!


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ribbon & Bows Necklace {Mini Tutorial}

I've been sewing a lot lately...which means I've been neglecting some of my other craft loves! So yesterday, while out shopping I picked up some jewelry supplies and beads. For a review on the new Hobby Lobby that just opened was definitely a let down. I guess I just had higher expectations--maybe it was because I went on a Saturday and it was pretty crowded...or the fact that the prices were a little higher than expected...or that they didn't have much of a selection in the areas I was shopping in...and it was A LOT of home decor. There is nothing wrong with this, other than the fact that I would rather MAKE those home decor items, rather than pay $20+ for certain items. They DID have a large selection of Christmas goodies (already!) so I'm sure I'll be there a lot during the holidays. Overall, I guess I will have to go again after they've been open a while and maybe during the week to give it a more fair review...we will see. I'm hoping for the best!

I spent the morning working on some birthday gifts. It seems that I have the longest list of gifts and To-Do's lately, so sometimes I have to find smaller projects for myself to work on and to keep me going! Since I was working on jewelry, I decided to pull up some simple necklace tutorials that I have had my eyes on.

The first one was an interchangeable ribbon necklace from Infarrantly Creative who got her inspiration from Anthropologie. The idea is really nifty!...A clear beaded necklace attached to a colored ribbon that can be switched out according to what outfit you're wearing for the day. Here is her version!

I wasn't too fond of the clear beads, so I went with the next best thing...pearls of course! :) Also, in the tutorial, it calls for lobster clasps on each end of the beaded strand to be able to change out the ribbon...instead of using clasps, I just used jump rings. I knew it would be just as effective but with less "supplies" being used (well for me anyway...I have way more jump rings than clasps!) I also opted to glue on my ribbon--they just seemed to sit prettier that way :) Here is my version! 

I LOVE how it turned out. I only have the blue ribbon for now...but I definitely plan to make PINK and every other color to go with any outift! 

The second necklace I found on Adventures in Dressmaking--the Leather Bow Necklace. The post was actually a blog swap and was created by Alli at One Pearl Button. It is SO feminine, yet structured and classy at the same time. Here is her version! :)

All it called for was scrap leather, a chain and hot glue! I opted to make mine with a silver chain instead of gold. I also knew that I didn't have any leather just laying around for the I used felt instead, which worked PERFECTLY! I used her tutorial exactly step by step, and it turned out wonderfully! 

I definitely plan to make some with a gold chain, as well as different colored bows.
I think fabric flowers would be super cute to use as well!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

One of my own: Ruffle Shirt {Mini Tutorial}

In the midst of working on gifts and orders, I managed to finally squeeze in a project for myself (though I still have LOTS to work on)! My last post I wrote about my inspiration for my Ruffled Shrug from Tea Rose Home...which is the most adorable ruffled shirt made from just two identical tees. Well, I finally stumbled across some tee's on sale at Wally World for only $2 each and grabbed two grey ones, perfect for work...and finally this project. I LOVE her ruffled shirt and have been dying to make one ever since I saw her idea many months ago!

Here is what I started off with...but two tees of course. 

Her tutorial is very helpful, so no need to repeat what she did perfectly...and best of all it took no time to make! The only difference I made with mine was that I turned my tee into a tank. Much more comfortable for the office and easier to throw a cardigan or jacket over :) 

And here is the final product!

Thank you so much Sachiko for this simple but super cute idea. 
By the way, she has over 140 comments on this little beauty...and no wonder why! :) 


Monday, September 6, 2010

3 for the price of 1! {Ruffled ShrugTutorial}

Unfortunately there wasn't too much sewing or crafting this holiday weekend...even though I had 3 days off! I'm a little disappointed in myself. But, I did go on a (not so) mini shopping spree for work clothes with Larry's mom. There was an AMAZING sale! I literally got 14 new tops, 3 capris, a pair of pants, two dresses, a skirt and two heels. I also "spoiled" myself with a pair of jeans and new shorts to wear on the weekends :) I know this sounds like a lot of money spent, but everything was literally under $5 each! 

One of the dresses was really nice for work, though the top just wasn't right. But for ONLY $4, mom convinced me that I could make something work of it. Originally, we bought a separate top that I could wear over the top of the dress (which gave it the illusion that it was a skirt) which looked super cute, but once I got home I knew I could make it better! I originally thought I would go this route from Sew Woodsy and create an elastic waistband skirt. After looking at the dress though, it was easier than I thought! There was an elastic band sewed in and I literally was able to just cut the top off from the skirt, with no repairs needing to be made. The skirt came out perfect! And now I can wear it with the original shirt that we purchased as planned, or with any other shirt! (The sash allows for many options also!)

After cutting the top off, I KNEW I had to make something of it...I just can't seem to throw away ANY scraps or old clothes can always be made into something! :) I decided to combine a few different looks from Tea Rose Home and her ruffle shirt that I LOVE. I haven't came across any two shirts the same to make this exact look yet, but I figured I could make something similar. So, here it is!

Ruffled Shrug
PS-I LOVE ruffles...other than pearls, sparkle and lace, it's THE girliest thing ever :)

Supplies: Two shirts (tank, tee or long sleeve--the colors depend on the look you want, both of mine were white)
Thread & a sewing machine! 
Step 1. Take your original shirt that fits the best. Mine was a tank style--not too warm or practical I know, BUT this was a trial run. Cut down the center. Also cut horizontally at the length you want (if desired) Mine was literally the top part of the dress, which wasn't too dressy and the armholes were a little baggy. Make sure to use a tee shirt or jersey material=no hemming or fraying! 

Step 2. Take the other t-shirt (mine was an old undershirt) and cut up the side and across the top to remove the neck and armholes. We only need the bottom portion of the t-shirt material from here on out. Try to cut a little more neater than I did :) haha

Step 3. Lay the shirt flat open. Cut out four strips for your ruffles. The top two are a little thinner, about 1 1/4 inches wide. The bottom two are about 2-2 1/4 inches wide. The lines on the photo are where I made my other cuts. (I saved the bottom strip for yet another project.)

Step 4. Create the ruffle for the neck using the thinner strips. Sew them together at the ends to form one large strip. Using the longest stitch and looser tension on your sewing machine, sew down the entire CENTER of the strip. Do not secure the hold the bottom thread and scrunch the fabric to form the ruffle. Play with the length and look to where you can pin it around your collar to where it lays nice and even. 

Step 5. Sew down the center of the ruffle onto the collar. Don't forget to change your machine settings back to normal before you do this!

Step 6. Form your lower ruffle with the wider pieces using the same technique as before. Stitch the ends together to form one large strip. Put your settings on a looser tension and longest stitch, but this time sew at the TOP of the strip. Gather and adjust the ruffle to the length of the bottom of your shirt. Pin the ruffle on top of the shirt around the bottom and sew (with your original machine settings!)

Step 7. I almost stopped here--and I could have. But I decided to add a ribbon to be able to tie the shrug. I used a 4 foot ribbon cut in half. Fold ends under twice and pin to the underside of the shirt. Use a nice re-enforced stitch to secure the ribbon. Do this to both sides of your shirt.

And, you're done! 

SO simple and adorable.
I definitely plan to make some out of a few old sweaters that have become too short, as well as use some old tees and 3/4 length tees to make into cardigans. 
This one may not be good for warmth or coverage, BUT it adds a little flair over a simple tank. :)

All in all my $4 dress has been re-vamped into a...skirt, dress & shrug!!

3 for the price of 1 :)


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