About Me

"We are all of us stars, and we deserve to twinkle."
-Marilyn Monroe

Drawing was my first love in the arts and crafts world. I loved sketching in black and white; my step-dad always begged me to add color but I loved the beauty of seeing the black, grey and white shades come to life on their own. I drew pictures of anything from cartoon characters to outside sceneries of flowers, trees and houses to clothing that I'd love to own one day. At one point I was sketching so many pieces of clothing that I really considered going to school for fashion design! Middle and highschool opened many doors for me in the art world. I started and have played the clarinet ever since 6th grade. I am very thankful for pursuing this because it has given me a greater understanding and appreciation for music and composition. With all the sketching I did in class, painting soon followed! This has led me to do many types of painting; from creating canvas paintings around my house for decoration to many other wood art projects that I have given as gifts and serve as decor and use at home. With such a love for photos and keepsake, combined with my drawing and imagination, I fell in love with the craft of scrapbooking. I can spend hours and hours working on just one page; this creative love affair will never dwindle. After highschool, a family friend introduced me to handmade jewelry, which I quickly took a liking for! Having taught myself almost everything I know, I can proudly say over the years I have made many beautiful pieces for myself, friends and family. My latest endeavour has been sewing. I recently received a brand new machine and love it! My mom and I have tinkered with everything from pillows to curtains to clothing over the years and I am eager to learn any and everything I can about sewing! Along with these main obsessions I do ANYTHING crafty. From handmade picture frames, to painting pottery, to DIY home decorating, to making custom flip-flops, to creating bows, wreaths and holiday decor, to handmade cards, to reupholstering furniture, to creating floral arrangements...I LOVE it all! There is nothing I won't try and take on. 

The feeling I get after completing a project is indescribable...I love making things that are lasting and can forever be appreciated. I believe everyone is creative, it's just how we put our creativity to use that makes us different. Some twinkle by doing arts and crafts, while others cook, build, act, play sports or become CEO's of companies. No matter how, we all deserve to twinkle! This blog showcases some of my pretty little things;
hopefully they will inspire others to shine themselves!