Completed Projects

It's safe to say that one of the most time consuming, challenging and important piece that I've ever done (with help from my mom) was my craft desk! 
After my first trip to Ikea (which has caused a problem ever since haha) I fell in love with the customizable huge desks that they have. I wanted one...just a little wider and pink! After long hours of cutting wood, sanding, painting and sealing it was finally done!! It is HUGE. We attached Ikea legs and drawers as legs. We made the corner and longer shelf by ourselves too :) Literally everything is hand created! I also put together the additional white shelving you see (from Michaels and Ikea)

I didn't stop at the pink paint with being original and girly...I also free-handed a floral pattern on both ends of the desk and traced it with silver paint and added crystals for some bling :)

The shelving unit from Michaels...of course I had to add floral details to match the desk!

I found this stool that would make for a perfect reupholstering project. My goal was to make it girly and feminine! I loved the floral striped pattern and ruffles. The crystals gave it the perfect touch!

This is a jewelry set that I made for a family friend to wear to a wedding about 4 years ago now. I LOVED this set. It was the first that I had made that looked anything like this. She wanted a variety of earrings to be able to wear on a regular basis. Unfortunately, her house was broken into and most of the pieces were stolen. One of a kind--it's out there somewhere!

Here are some older pieces of jewelry that I made within the past 4-5 years. 
A set that I made to wear for New Years 2008

An all-crystal "floating" necklace and earrings. There are LOTS of crystals in this piece. I've been told many times by people that they'd like to purchase it, but I just can't seem to let it go! 
I made this right out of highschool.

The first style of earrings that I ever made. I believe these are actually THE first few pairs. :)

Some older bracelets I've kept through the years.

A western inspired set that I made for my sister for least 4 years ago.

Some of the jewelry that I've recently made.

Pearl set.

Large pendant necklaces. 

Two of my favorite sets that I always get compliments on.

Some of my every day bracelets :) Worn alone or layered!

Earrings to match :)

Here is a bracelet that my friend Ashley made for her bridesmaids to
wear in her wedding; we also had a matching necklace and earrings.

Here is a home decor DIY that I did. This set was once in my bedroom and then in my bathroom. I found the frames at Target in their $1 section (I LOVE this section--so many craft finds here!) and the pictures are actually made from a gift bag that my roommate received. I cut out my favorite parts from the bag, added some ribbon and voila! A cute decor set that is girly & cheap :)

This is a canvas painting that I first freehand drew, then painted hot pink, green and white. You can't really tell in the photo, but I also glued on white glitter for some extra pizzaz. 
I had planned to make a second one as a day I will tackle it!! 

Larry &I experienced painting pottery together for our 6 year anniversary. This is the first pottery fire-glazed painting that I've done since I am old enough to really remember anyway. The pieces start off as a chalky, white background. I chose to paint this guy bright "kermit green" with the red eyes and pink fleur-de-lis and floral patterns on his back. Larry painted a coaster that turned out great also!!  Since then I've also painted a plaque for my roommate as well as a monogrammed plaque for my mom that she keeps in her kitchen. I LOVE doing this, but can't seem to find enough time to go as often as I'd like. 

This is one of my all-time favorites. I painted this with watercolor in highschool. One of my first completed paintings! I HATED using watercolors, but had to make it work as an assignment. From free hand-drawing the frogs, leaves and branches to painting the textured background, it turned out amazing in the end and I am very proud of it. It was even matted, displayed and given an award my senior year of school. :) 

Here is a diaper cake that I made for my boss for her baby shower. It was a HUGE hit! Layers and layers of diapers, ribbon and girly details. This is truly a project that allows you to really get creative!
Welcome Baby Madison!!!

Here is the wreath that I made for Christmas, 2009. This one is more traditional than the one I made the previous year. I still managed to add lots of glitter though!!

This was a gift for Ashley at her bachelorette party. The glass was cute on it's own, but I had to girly it up! I added the pink bow and stem ring. I loved it and hope she did too!

For Danielle's baby shower I made her a frame to put in Dylan's room, along with all her other gifts. I kept it a little more simple since she didn't have a set theme at the time for the room. She said she LOVED it and it was one of her favorite gifts :) Love you Danielle & Dylan!

Here are more baby shower frames! Mine is in the middle for my managers baby shower (it went with the diaper cake). The two on the outside were Danielle's first creations for her two friends having a baby. They turned out great! I have given many handmade frames as gifts! Simple to make but so thoughtful!

Here are some of my favorite scrapbook pages:

This one was one of my very first pages. I cut all different shades of blue and tan paper into little squares to create the mosaic beachy background. I LOVE it!

This is a page of Larry and I from our first cruise together in 2006. Nothing too fancy, but I love the simplicity. :)

I love my Bailey! This was one of my favorite pages to do! Fairly simple, but I did a lot of silhouette cut-outs of Bailey for this page. 

Here is one of my many Christmas pages...I love this one because of all the fun colors! The cute christmas lights at the bottom with the snowman holepunch is my favorite part.

Here is another from Larry & I's cruise. The Cricut helped me out a lot on this one. :) I also included the map of the cruise. I love putting in momentos.

Here is a page from Jon & Katie's engagement and wedding. Of course I had to include all her handmade invitations and program!

If there are any projects that you would like to know more about...
whether how to make them, or anything at all, just ask! :)