Friday, July 23, 2010

Heaven on Earth :)

Last weekend my roommate, Jamie and I took a 2 hour drive to the west coast to visit Larry's parents in Longboat Key! I have been visiting here with them ever since their first trip in 2005--for 6 years now! This is truly heaven on Earth and our yearly getaway that we always look forward to. Here are a few photos from our trip :)
Crystal clear water and bright blue skies :) 
Larry's father invented the "Foot Flower"
Using our buckets we made for Mom to collect seashells!!!
We saw the beach candy at Publix and decided we had to make a beach cake!
Going to "the circle" to shop is one of our favorite things to do...We found a new sandwich shop where the owner literally spoiled us--free cookies, EXTRA ice cream & samples of a milkshake!
The sunsets are's a must to watch them every night.

How Charming!
One mission while we were shopping at the circle was to find Longboat Key charms. I purchased matching charm bracelets for my roommate and I last year at Christmas, and we have been collecting charms ever since! We've received them from various family and friends, as well as each other as memorabilia for certain events or places that we go to. After searching store after store, no charms were really good enough to signify out Longboat Key! We had another plan of action...earrings! Take a pair of earrings and turn them into charms :) They would be matching and cheaper than buying individual charms! Still no luck with finding anything that said Longboat Key, BUT we did manage to come across  these SUPER cute crabs! Every year we always go out on the beach late at night searching for (more like running from!) the crabs. This year was the most memorable so far because Larry's dad actually caught one! It was too fun watching the many crabs run around while Dad Wells tried to catch them with his net! We thought the crabs were a perfect symbolism for Longboat :) 

Our new charms as earrings: Before
After!! :) How cute! Just add a jump ring and voila! 

My bracelet :) 
Friendship heart that Jamie has the other half to; a purse because I am obsessed! from Mom Wells; Minnie Mouse Jamie and I purchased for each other to signify all of our Disney trips; "Princess" form Mom Wells:) ; Crab from Longboat; "Key" West from our trip down south on Memorial Weekend; custom pink charm that I made (Jamie has a turquoise one)


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