Monday, September 6, 2010

3 for the price of 1! {Ruffled ShrugTutorial}

Unfortunately there wasn't too much sewing or crafting this holiday weekend...even though I had 3 days off! I'm a little disappointed in myself. But, I did go on a (not so) mini shopping spree for work clothes with Larry's mom. There was an AMAZING sale! I literally got 14 new tops, 3 capris, a pair of pants, two dresses, a skirt and two heels. I also "spoiled" myself with a pair of jeans and new shorts to wear on the weekends :) I know this sounds like a lot of money spent, but everything was literally under $5 each! 

One of the dresses was really nice for work, though the top just wasn't right. But for ONLY $4, mom convinced me that I could make something work of it. Originally, we bought a separate top that I could wear over the top of the dress (which gave it the illusion that it was a skirt) which looked super cute, but once I got home I knew I could make it better! I originally thought I would go this route from Sew Woodsy and create an elastic waistband skirt. After looking at the dress though, it was easier than I thought! There was an elastic band sewed in and I literally was able to just cut the top off from the skirt, with no repairs needing to be made. The skirt came out perfect! And now I can wear it with the original shirt that we purchased as planned, or with any other shirt! (The sash allows for many options also!)

After cutting the top off, I KNEW I had to make something of it...I just can't seem to throw away ANY scraps or old clothes can always be made into something! :) I decided to combine a few different looks from Tea Rose Home and her ruffle shirt that I LOVE. I haven't came across any two shirts the same to make this exact look yet, but I figured I could make something similar. So, here it is!

Ruffled Shrug
PS-I LOVE ruffles...other than pearls, sparkle and lace, it's THE girliest thing ever :)

Supplies: Two shirts (tank, tee or long sleeve--the colors depend on the look you want, both of mine were white)
Thread & a sewing machine! 
Step 1. Take your original shirt that fits the best. Mine was a tank style--not too warm or practical I know, BUT this was a trial run. Cut down the center. Also cut horizontally at the length you want (if desired) Mine was literally the top part of the dress, which wasn't too dressy and the armholes were a little baggy. Make sure to use a tee shirt or jersey material=no hemming or fraying! 

Step 2. Take the other t-shirt (mine was an old undershirt) and cut up the side and across the top to remove the neck and armholes. We only need the bottom portion of the t-shirt material from here on out. Try to cut a little more neater than I did :) haha

Step 3. Lay the shirt flat open. Cut out four strips for your ruffles. The top two are a little thinner, about 1 1/4 inches wide. The bottom two are about 2-2 1/4 inches wide. The lines on the photo are where I made my other cuts. (I saved the bottom strip for yet another project.)

Step 4. Create the ruffle for the neck using the thinner strips. Sew them together at the ends to form one large strip. Using the longest stitch and looser tension on your sewing machine, sew down the entire CENTER of the strip. Do not secure the hold the bottom thread and scrunch the fabric to form the ruffle. Play with the length and look to where you can pin it around your collar to where it lays nice and even. 

Step 5. Sew down the center of the ruffle onto the collar. Don't forget to change your machine settings back to normal before you do this!

Step 6. Form your lower ruffle with the wider pieces using the same technique as before. Stitch the ends together to form one large strip. Put your settings on a looser tension and longest stitch, but this time sew at the TOP of the strip. Gather and adjust the ruffle to the length of the bottom of your shirt. Pin the ruffle on top of the shirt around the bottom and sew (with your original machine settings!)

Step 7. I almost stopped here--and I could have. But I decided to add a ribbon to be able to tie the shrug. I used a 4 foot ribbon cut in half. Fold ends under twice and pin to the underside of the shirt. Use a nice re-enforced stitch to secure the ribbon. Do this to both sides of your shirt.

And, you're done! 

SO simple and adorable.
I definitely plan to make some out of a few old sweaters that have become too short, as well as use some old tees and 3/4 length tees to make into cardigans. 
This one may not be good for warmth or coverage, BUT it adds a little flair over a simple tank. :)

All in all my $4 dress has been re-vamped into a...skirt, dress & shrug!!

3 for the price of 1 :)


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Melissa said...

the shrug is very pretty and sweet.

Ellen said...

Very clever. I never would have guessed how to do those ruffles! It looks just perfect

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Great job x

Katie said...

OMG! Anng this is awesome! I LOVE it! So glad I could inspire you to turn "trash" to "treasure"... well not really trash, but you know what I mean. I can't wait for you to teach me how to make this shrug!

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this is so wonderful! i need to make a few T's into cardigans like this too. great idea!

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Super cute and super easy! I am featuring this today at Grab my 'featured" button.

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Seriously how adorable and creative!! Just love it! I'm happy to be your newest follower of your delightful blog and I'd love to have you as a friend at Frou Frou Decor! I'd also like to invite you to link up at my weekly Fabulous Friday Finds party! Hope to see you there!
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OH this is too cute for words! Love it! Thank you for linking up at All About You Monday, hope you come back next week and join the fun, theme next week is riboon but even if you don't have a ribbon post, any fun project is welcomed!

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You are an artist with your sewing machine...wish I had an ounce of your talent. Great job on your finds and improvements!

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Super Cute! It came out excellently!