Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Custom Photo Album

I seem to inherit many strange things from people once they find out I craft--anything from old clothes to broken jewelry albums!! I recently received BOXES of the plastic, small 4x6 photo holders that have the standard (or ugly as I call it) front and back cover. With a little patience I figured out a way to re-vamp the outside to make it personalized. My first one was a gift for my good friend Danielle--an album for her son's first Christmas! 

Between some paper, ribbon, stickers, foam stickers and a cute snowman hole-punch, it ended up being a perfect, simple Christmas album! Danielle loved it too!

If you come across any of these in storage, the dollar store or your throw-away pile, think outside the box and get creative! I'm excited to make these for people when they have special events or occasions!


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