Monday, April 25, 2011

Easy Ribbon Headband {Mini Tutorial}

I am a huge fan of headbands and DIY-ing hair accessories, so when my friend Ashley told me about a headband project she wanted to attempt and asked if I wanted to join, I jumped on board. We went shopping together (at Hobby Lobby as well as through grandma's craft supply goodness, which is always the best!) and picked up all the necessities. We made our headbands on our own time but each had success and they turned out super cute! This is such an easy and quick project and for some people, all the supplies may already be on hand! The basic supplies you need are:

Ribbon (at least an inch wide)
Velvet ribbon (same width as your original ribbon or thinner)
Thin elastic
Sewing machine and essentials

Ashley already did a post on her headband with a simple to follow tutorial so no need to repeat--go here to check it out. Another good friend of mine, Katie from Sew Woodsy, did a similar take on this headband last month--she made hers out of a towel to be used as a "sweatband" when working out--how cool! 

Ashley's headband for running and Katie's "sweatband" for working out

Here was my first headband.

Pink, ruffly, me. :)

My second headband I made was for Christmas time., green and gold...and I attached a bow. :)

Get creative! There are oodles of ribbon options out there--you could also add a flower,
bow or brooch to spice it up! :)


Katie said...

LOVE it! I've yet to make a ribbon like head band.

Rebecca @ My Girlish Whims said...

aw these are so cute! looks easy enough too, I should make some. PS- love your bow earrings! I've been looking for a pair lately....:)

Thanks for linking up to Your Whims Wednesday!