Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Handmade Wedding Gift {DIY}

Two of our very good friends got married this past weekend and I wanted to make something special for them--something handmade and personal. They're the same friends who Larry and I made this 'nap time door sign' for and I knew they would appreciate something handmade. I toyed around with a few different ideas; some of which I will probably do for Christmas, but ultimately decided upon a hand-painted canvas with a print of their wedding vows. A few days before the wedding, I barely got my hands on the entire script to their wedding ceremony (thanks to the bride's sister and wedding planner) which created a dilemma as to what part of the ceremony I would use. Larry and I ultimately decided on the 'blessing' script in place of using their vows. It describes a marriage beautifully and it's as if we are extending that blessing to them onward from past their ceremony and wedding day.

It was a tedious process, there were lots of changes and I encountered a few bumps in creating her along the way, but ultimately it turned out beautifully! 


I started off sketching free-hand a simple damask print on the left side of the canvas. My original idea was to include their last name as well on the canvas but the blessing script we chose to use was a little larger than their vows so we didn't have enough room.

Multiple layers of paint when onto this canvas--at least two of the lighter gold for the damask print and two of the antique gold for the canvas surface. It took much time and patience, but it was worth the labor!


I printed the blessing script onto cardstock, adhered it to a specialty glitter paper and off-centered it to the damask print. I added two beautiful butterflies--something that is very meaningful and symbolic to the bride.

In addition to their canvas and a gift off their registry, I created two 'Newlyweds Night Out' Babysitting Passes. They have an adorable {almost} 2-year old and Larry and I thought they would like a few nights to themselves as newlyweds! :)

Their wedding took place in Pembroke Pines (right near Ft. Lauderdale, FL) at the Capriccio Ristorante-- it was such a beautiful venue, so intimate and ornate and everyone had such a great time!

Larry and I with the newlyweds!

They are SUCH a sweet couple
Wyatt was SUCH a trooper and seemed to be having a blast at the wedding;
dancing with the girls and blowing kisses to everyone!

Ashton made such a cute and beautiful bride!

Randy was definitely a fun groom!

We wish all three of their family the best of everything for their future and hope they love their gifts!
We can't wait for them to return from their honeymoon in Jamaica!!



Digital Scrapbooking Made Easy said...

This is really cute! I'm always looking for something like this. Thanks for sharing!

juliehallfeldhaus said...

My what a lovely and meaningful wedding gift! I'm sure they will treasure it forever. You have a wonderful talent enjoy it!!

Christina said...

What a great idea! It turned out so nice!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

She made a beautiful bride!! and you looked fab yourself! The gift is totally thoughtful and one of a kind!!

Kandice Breinholt said...

i love that idea! it's soo pretty and meaningful.

you, by the way are GORGEOUS! haha jeez, woman.

newest follower by the way. and SO glad because i've been reading through some of your posts and i'm really likin' it :) can't wait for your next post!

Heather Lynn said...

This is so beautiful and thoughtful!

Racine Cleaners said...

Appreciate you blogging this