Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Curled Paper Ornament {Tutorial}

So I saved this pretty awesome DIY ornament on Pinterest months ago. I know there are MANY variations on this idea out there but Christy's takes the cake in my book. Finally it's Christmas time and I have JUST the couple to make one of these for; the same friends who I created a handmade canvas for as their wedding gift, which by the way is hanging beautifully in their bedroom. Christy called this her 'Wedding Invitation Ornament' and though I used a wedding invitation for the ornament I made, I'm going for the 'Curled Paper Ornament' title because the possibilities are endless on this one. Between my second mom and I, we thought of over a handful of ornaments that could be made using this same technique; a baby's first birthday, a mini time capsule of events and outings, a milestone birthday, a vacation to remember...The idea is simple. Use paper that represents an event (doesn't necessarily HAVE to be an invitation--think scrapbook paper, clipart images, words, phrases, postcards, menu's, etc.) cut it into strips, curl the strips, then fill up an ornament and embellish!

I think I went just a little overboard and took a photo of almost every step which probably wasn't necessary. And since I've already summarized the concept above, this will be a picture tutorial.


It's fun because when you shake and twist the ornament you get different views of the bride and groom names, the venue and date, etc.


Add stickers, ribbon, charms...anything you'd like to embellish the theme you are going for!


Katie said...

I love this ornament!!! Great idea!

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