Monday, June 28, 2010

All Things Girly!

I've finally finished my first dress & I LOVE it! It's super girly and SO me! I used a simple strapless pattern with a satin-like floral fabric. It has a zip-up back and minimal boning on the sides for extra support. The length for most patterns are pretty long, for even the shorter I adjusted this one and cut off a few inches. I made the custom ruffle detail on the front myself as definitely added a girly touch :) 
Here is an up-close view of the fabric and back.

I can say after doing this one dress, it isn't too difficult and I'm sure there will be many more to come! 

Along with my dress I did a hair accessory :) It's definitely another girly touch to the dress! I really love any flowers, ribbons and bows for accessories...

I also made a flower out of extra fabric that I had from my yellow purse. I put a safety pin on the back of it and it makes a great accent for a shirt, purse or in my hair :)

My current sewing projects are a high-wasted skirt and crossover bag--if the bag turns out anything like I'm picturing, it's going to be awesome & super cute...I'm using pink glittered peace sign fabric and hot pink lining. My friend Katie and I are also going to hopefully get together and make a dress that we saw on a DIY blog she follows--we're super excited about looks easy & really cute! 

Moving onto jewelry!
I fixed my Aunt Lori's bracelet for her...originally the toggle broke on one end, so I re-strung it and added a simple clasp. Hopefully it'll last a while now for her :) 

While at Jo-Anns digging through the clearance bin (where I always find amazing stuff!) I found the clasps that I have been searching for forever now it seems! Here they are :) 
Aren't they awesome?! They're oversized heart clasps and I LOVE them! I was so excited when I found them...if only I could find them in sterling silver now and I'll be in heaven!  

I had to make a bracelet right away using the's very summery and I love the bright colors of the shells that I found. I also made a set of earrings to match. To continue the beachy theme, I used a three-strand framing for the earrings. This is the style that I learned when making my FIRST pair of earrings...thought I'd bring it back :) 
Here they are on :) A little big and fun for the summer!

I'm very excited for the rest of the week...Mom Wells and one of my best friends, Christina's birthday are on Wednesday and Dad Wells' birthday is on Saturday! We are going to the beach on Thursday to celebrate for Christina & at some point throughout the week we'll have a family dinner for mom & dad Wells :) At work we have a large party group coming in at the end of the week, so we are expected to be very busy Friday & Saturday!...last year I made really good money so I'm hoping for another round of that :) The girls and I at work will be celebrating the holiday by dressing up with some July 4th accessories...which is always fun! I'm actually off for the 4th of July & the 5th...I'm excited to see what we'll end up doing!

My Anthropologie flower project is coming along slowly...running into some minor problems, but in the end I know it will turn out great! Also, my roommate and I's secret project will soon be unveiled...yay!! :) 


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