Thursday, July 15, 2010

PEACE & Love

After much trial and error, I finished my hipster purse! I started off planning to use a Simplicity pattern, but after cutting out the pattern pieces, I soon realized I definitely wanted something different. All in all I ended up using two rectangles, a smaller one for the front pocket and two longer rectangular strips for the straps and sides/bottom. I encased batting between the peace sign fabric and pink lining for sturdiness as well as in the strap. I made my own pink bias tape out of the lining and used it as an accent for the front pocket and top. I added a zipper to the main opening and a rhinestone peace sign iron-on to the lower front corner. I originally made the purse to take to theme parks, shopping, etc. but am finding that I use it way more often than that!

After cutting, shaping, pinning and more cutting, I was finally happy with this simple design!...I also found out with this project that I'd LOVE to own a bias making machine!...maybe one day! :) 

The other newest peace sign in my life is from Larry! He is learning more and more in the carpentry world and he surprised me one day after work with this awesome gift!!

It's a peace sign picture frame that he made all by himself :) 

I added some paint...

...and bling!

I LOVE it and I love you babe! Thank you so much!


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Katie said...

Love both the purse and Larry's newest wood-working ventures!