Sunday, December 26, 2010

Custom Tile Coasters {Tutorial}

Here's a project that I've been wanting to do for quite some time--tile coasters! I made a set of 8 different ones--custom for each of the girls in the office at work to keep for their desk (or bring home!) as a small Christmas gift. There are MANY tutorials out there, so I combined a little steps of each to make my own. :)

4x4 Tile(s)
Corkboard or Foam
Paper Mod Podge
Spray Adhesive
Acrylic Spray
Brush-on Glue (optional)
Mod Podge Sparkle (optional)
Sponge brush/paint brush
Patience!! :)

Step 1. To help protect your counter, desk or wherever your coaster will set, we'll use corkboard! Cut your corkboard to the desired size. I just used a pair of scissors, but I'm sure there are many ways to do this! Cut to either the exact 4x4 size of your tile, or a tad smaller so that your tile has on overhang. I chose option B where I cut them a tad smaller than the tile. 

Step 2. Get creative!! Are you doing coasters with a monogram, photo, patterned paper...? Design your coaster look! For my coasters, I chose to do a monogram with each girls first initial along with a patterned paper that reminded me of them. A very helpful tool for this was my Cricut! I used various colors and fonts to create the monograms. Also, cut out your "background" paper. Cut it just a tad larger than your 4x4 tile. (This is also when I used my Mod Podge Sparkle to add some bling to the letters!)

Step 3. Adhere the corkboard to the tile. First, apply spray adhesive to the cork--be carfeul, it IS messy! Optionally, apply a small amount of brush-on glue to the corners for extra support.  

Adhere the cork to the back center of the tile.

Step 4. Mod Podge time! Apply a good but smooth layer of Mod Podge to the top of the coaster and adhere your paper. Smooth the paper as best as you can with no ripples. Trim out the corners of the overhanging paper. (see below) Mod Podge the edges of the tile and fold the paper to adhere it to all sides.

Adhere your monogram! Apply a coat of Mod Podge over your paper and edges, then lay your letter on top. Let dry. Apply another coat of Mod Podge over the entire coaster. Let dry. Apply one last coat over everything. This is when patience is key. :) And don't worry--the Mod Podge will dry clear!

Step 5. Final step! Once the Mod Podge has completely dried, break out your acrylic spray. Follow the manufacturer's directions and apply a few coats to finish the coaster--this will give it a nice shine and serve as a final protective coat. 

Let dry and enjoy your final product! (Princess Belle is mine :)

I left each coaster on the girls desks at work with a little note that read:
"Here is a treat
For your cold (or hot!) drink feet
To help prevent a mess
From being made on your desk"

I was so glad that each girl was more excited and thankful for their gifts than I thought they would be!

I also made a set for a close family for Christmas. They loved it and it matches their kitchen perfectly!
For this set, I used a neutral color floral patterned scrapbook paper for the background with a centerpiece of a rooster image that I found and printed from online. 

I also plan to make a set (at some point in time!) for our own house using black and white photos of Larry and I, family and friends!<3



Unknown said...

So great! I love them customized - and your little note is perfect. :D

Katie said...

Love your coasters! The make for wonderful gifts!

rbenz said...

So glad I found your post - I was going to order some for my Dad and Mom off etsy but decided I must be able to do it myself - I would like to use photos with nautical map backgrounds of where the photos were taken - have you tried this using photopaper yet?

Unknown said...

Just curious but wouldn't anything you place on the coaster that sweat get your furniture wet causing damage since there is no protection from the coaster to the furniture. I know the cork would soak it up but that laying on the furniture. So any idea's on how to prevent that? This is such a great idea and a wonderful project. I already have the perfect picture to decorate mine with.