Thursday, April 7, 2011

Stretch Pearl Ring {Tutorial}

My dear friend Lissette--always dolled up--was showing off one of her favorite rings to me at a wedding we attended at the end of last year. It had a center silver pearl, Swarovski accents and a silver band. It was darling. I tried it on and to my suprise it was a stretch ring! Hm...I questioned when she got it and how much she paid. The money she spent on it seemed a little overpriced to me and I told her to never buy one again; that I would make her any color she liked! For her birthday I made her a similar green pearl ring with a matching bracelet. She went crazy over it and is so impressed that it looks almost identical to her original. I was never a fan of stretch rings as they seem cheapy...but with the pearl and crystals these are timeless and too cute!

Stretch Pearl Ring
Jewelry Stretch Cord
Pearls, crystals, silver beads
Jeweler's glue/cement

Step 1. Cut the Stretch Cord to your desired length. I always give tons of extra length so that I have room to arrange the beads and still have plenty of cord to tie a knot at the end. I cut mine at about 8 inches or so.

Step 2. Design your ring. Strand the beads however you would like. I usually start with my center stone (the pearl) and work to the outside. I ordered my ring as follows from the center: Pearl, swarovski crystal, silver spacer bead, silver beads

Step 3. Be sure that your ring is snug, but not too tight when determing the size. To finish it off tie a knot as tight as you can without leaving a gap in the beads. I have yet to perfect the best way of tying stretch cord, though a square knot has seemed to be the go-to knot thus far. I've also used a surgeon's knot. Here are two links that do a much better job giving directions to tying than I would!
For a little extra security, dab a small amount of jeweler's glue/cement to the knot if you have some on hand. Make sure there is enough stretch in your ring to not have the elastic break; no knot can prevent this from happening!

Enjoy your ring!
I apologize for the low-quality photos as my digital camera batteries were dead--
these are courtesy of my iPhone. :)

Lissette with her new ring--she was SO ecstatic when she opened her new jewelry. She is already placing orders for friends birthday gifts...AND more for herself. :)

With the matching bracelet.



Katie @ EyeSpyDIY said...

Very pretty ring! And seems pretty easy to make, thanks for sharing!

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