Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Craft Storage

Once again, my boyfriend amazes me! He made this wonderful storage wall shelf from scratch! It started off with me just wanting an organizer for my ribbons that have been piling up, but he quickly turned it into a whole storage unit. In the end it turned out beautifully!

First, he made the frame!

Next, he added the back and dowel rods...then he hand-sanded facing giving it a rounded edge. He sanded this sucker SMOOTH!

Time for paint!! That's my job :) & yes I did this inside--painting outside in FL in 100+ degrees is not fun!

Give a night to dry...hang it on the wall and it's done!! SO beautiful!

My three dowel rods for all my ribbon

Two extra shelves hold my collection of glues/adhesives and basket for scrap ribbon!

I needed a smaller storage container to hold my hot glue sticks, super glue, etc. That cute jar on the right side of the shelf is what I thought of...and it only took about 10 minutes to make!

All you need is an empty glass jar with a lid (I used the peanut butter/jelly combo stuff that Larry loves!) some scrap fabric, ribbon, a rubber band and glue! 

Cut out a circle from your scrap fabric a few inches larger than your lid. I used a different larger circular lid to trace and cut out the shape. 
(You can see the size difference from the original lid)

Center and glue your fabric to the top of the lid. I used Aleene's brush-on tacky glue--my fave!

After drying, wrap a rubber band around the fabric to form and hold the "ruffles." 

Glue your ribbon around the lid, covering the rubber band...I used Aleene's Fabric Glue and a thin 1/8" ribbon for this. I ended up wrapping and gluing my ribbon twice around the entire lid for a little more thickness...
After it dried I added a tied bow with the same ribbon for a little extra detail :)

There ya go...a simple, cute craft container! The possibilities are endless with this...think mod podge and paper, different ribbon and any type of embellishments! I can't wait to make more!
Save those glass jars...GO GREEN! :) 



Katie said...

Ahhh love your new craft storage that Larry built you! Also love the modge podge and dimensional magic on the shelf! ;)

Laura ☮ said...

You guys get more adorable every day.