Sunday, August 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Larry!

Yesterday was my boyfriend Larry's 25th Birthday...A quarter of a century old! I've been celebrating his birthday with him for 8 years now & have had a blast every time. How time flies! For the past few years it has become tradition to celebrate at TGI Friday's. While throughout the year, we don't have many parties or go out near as often as we used to, but it never fails that on his birthday everyone comes out & has a great time! A lot of good friends & family showed up for the festivity...I thank everyone who came out & had a blast with us!

He's still a kid at heart...I got him a buck hunting shotgun game that he had been wanting and was so happy about!!...unfortunately, it didn't work. BUT we returned it for a new & better one that he's playing as we speak :)

He was also really excited that my mom got him a jigsaw to add onto his tool collection :) 
His parents added on a great deal to his collection also! His brother & sister-in-law got him a new cast net to go fishing with! Thank you everyone who also gave him the ability to go on a shopping spree to Bass Pro & Lowe's :)

Family shot  :)

Some of our good friends that turned out to celebrate :)

Thank you everyone who came out--we had a blast! Can't wait for next year! :)


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