Monday, August 30, 2010

Hello Promo!

For those who haven't heard the news, I officially have a new job! I transfered into an administrative role at the current hotel that I work at. Executive Assistant to be exact :) I start Friday & am VERY excited! A little nervous...the job involves some supervisory roles and "office management" duties, so it will be very different from anything that I have done. But on the other hand, I was an assistant with the company a few years ago, so at least some things WILL be familiar! Everyone that I have met so far have been extremely nice and have complete faith in me. The position is taken very seriously and is a gateway to many more positions with the company. Steady pay...Monday-Friday schedule...holidays/PTO...great experience...what more could I ask for?!...
A new wardrobe!!! :)
Even for my interview I had to open my "office clothes" drawer filled with my wardbrode from almost 4 years ago. EEK! There are some things that I can definitely still use, while others, not so much. SO, this weekend I will hopefully go on a mini shopping spree for office attire :) I am also hoping to spruce up some shoes and make a few skirts, dresses, tops and maybe a sweater or two. I can't forget jewelry either! Thank goodness for my 3-DAY HOLIDAY WEEKEND coming up woo hoo! Hopefully I will get together some fabulous pieces for me to start my new position off right! :)

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