Wednesday, December 29, 2010

"Nap Time" Door Sign

New Dremel tool for Larry=one more craft for us to take on together! :)

Larry received a Dremel tool from his parents for Christmas and I think I was just as excited about it as he was! Our first project was for our neighbor. They asked me to make a "Baby Sleeping" type sign to put on their front door for when their 1 year old was napping in hopes to keep from solicitors, etc. from disturbing the little one. Unfortunately this project had been put off for a few months with all of my Christmas and birthday gifts I had to make, but with this new tool, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to put it to use!

First step--draw on the design. I free-hand drew in pencil the words "Ssshhh...Quiet Please It's nap time" with the picture of a little crib and Zzz's below it on a piece of wood. Unfortunately during the first go around, there was a blow-out in the wood when Larry was cutting away (meaning there was a hole INSIDE the wood that "opened up" when he cut over it) causing a gap in one of the letters so we had to start a second sign. That go around, we took out the words "It's nap time" seeing as how we thought the crib was a good enough representation of the idea! :)

Larry cutting away and concentrating!! It took a good 20-30 minutes for him to finish--you can only go so fast when cutting AND it was his first real go-around with the tool. :) 


 I personally LOVE how it turned out when he was finished--"natural" and so pretty and I really wanted to leave it the way it was! We came to the conclusion that it would be better to add something to the letters so that it would be easier to read once it was hung. Unfortunately we didn't have any wood stain or a wood burning kit (yet!) so we decided to add some paint to the design.

He picked out the colors and I filled in the gaps! :) 
He then added two holes once the paint dried and I tied in some ribbon!

 Here is the final product hanging on our neighboors door for when they get home from Christmas vacation. Isn't it SO adorable?! :)

They were SO excited about their surprise when they got home!
Larry and I are both beyond happy that they loved their gift!!

Hope the sign helps the precious 1-year old get some beauty sleep! :)



Mariel@ said...

Haha this is So cute! I need one of this for sure! Everyone wakes my baby up during his nappers!

Mariel from

Chelsea said...

Thanks for stopping by our blog, creative mommas and for the comment. Your pillows look great! I love that you made so many! And your baby sleeping sign turned out cute too! My husband has a Dremmel and I have never used it. Now I'm excited to see what I can do with it! Thanks!

Katie said...

This sign turned out great! Jon has an impostor dremel, but has never done anything like this with it before!

Brandy J. said...

Super cute and simple...I love it!!

Amanda said...

Such a sweet gift, looks great!

Marina said...

That turned out super cute! What a great idea!
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