Monday, August 9, 2010

Easy Dog Bandana {Tutorial}

Who likes to dress up their pups?! I know I do!! While shopping I always find the CUTEST girl puppy clothes--but alas, my baby is a BOY! So, while having to tell myself "no" to all the girly dog outfits, I'm stuck with dressing up my Bailey in just t-shirts and bandanas...I recently pulled out some outfits to put Bailey in and chose a simple bandana. I stopped for a second and realized that this wouldn't be hard to make at all! So here is a simple tutorial on a bandana that your pup can wear. (Even if you're against dressing your dog, this is so simple and can add just a little flair to your guy!) I love this style of bandana because it beats having a REAL bandana that you tie--which always seems to come untied! Plus, you aren't risking tie-ing a piece of fabric around your baby's neck, which I'm sure they appreciate! 

These are some of the ones that I purchased 
(along with the one Bailey is wearing above)
Think holidays, sports teams & anything else to make your pup stand out!

All you'll need is some scrap fabric (less than 1/4yd.--Larry's grandma gave me this TRUE bandana printed fabric, how perfect!) and your good old sewing machine! 

Step 1. Start by cutting the basic shape of the bandana--a triangle with a rectangular extension on top. You'll need two identical pieces. Mine measured about 5.75 inches across the top, 2.5 inches tall for the rectangular extension and 5.5 inches from the top to the tip of the bandana. 

The easiest way I found to do this is to draw the rectangle first (5.75 in. by 2.5 in.) Finish it by measuring the total height of the bandana (5.5 inches tall) and then connect two lines from the lower part of the rectangle corners to make your point at the bottom! :)

PS*The rectangle heighth divided in half should be large enough to fit your pups collar in. Bailey's is fairly thin, only about 3/4 inch wide, so 1.25 inches is perfect for some wiggle room :) 
Just make the rectangle "taller" for thicker collars! 
Determining the dimensions is the trickiest Bailey is a maltese and pretty small. For larger dogs, just play around with what width & heighth would look best on your guy! 

Step 2. Place your two pieces wrong sides together and stitch around the entire bandana using about half inch seam allowance. Leave a few inches open at the top part of the rectangle for flipping. (in the photo below I left the whole top open--either way is fine, as long as there is room to flip!) 

Pull the bandana right side out. PRESS with your iron!! 
You want this sucker to be flat and look like a real bandana!! 

Step 3. Fold the rectangular portion in half to meet the top of your triangle and stitch with a small seam allowance at the BOTTOM of the fold (opposite of where my needle heads are). This will form the "tunnel" where the collar will slide through.

VOILA!! You are done!! :) Press again if needed and slide the bandana onto your pup's collar.

How cute!!

Here's another one I made out of a puppy print--think out of the box when choosing your fabric! 

For all your girl dog owners, think girly fabric, ruffles and bling!! :)


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Katie said...

LOVE the bandana! I'll have to make one for Lola!!! :) Thanks for sharing your tutorial!

Quilted Cupcake said...

Very cute idea, gotta make one for my dog. Thanks for sharing!

A Whole Lotta Magic said...

Very cute, Anngela!

Love your little buddy!


The Quirky Crafting Shmoogle Bean said...

That's so cute! Thanks for the tutorial! I'm making one for my puppy Toby today in red bandana fabric complete with cowboy boots and guitar print :)

Tash Xx

amanda joseph said...

polyester Printed Bandana

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the bandana tutorial. I've quite a collection of fabrics for bandanas and have just been too lazy to make any. Your post has inspired me to get started.