Thursday, October 21, 2010

I'm 23!

My birthday was this past week and it was amazing! It fell on a work day, so I really thought it wasn't going to feel like my birthday, but boy was I wrong!! Look what I walked into when I get to work the morning of...

Isn't that awesome? So even if I didn't want people to know it was my birthday, I had no choice!! There was no hiding behind this decor! I was also lucky enough to have two former co-workers come in on their day off for lunch with me. I truly miss working with them and it was SO nice to have a relaxing (long) lunch. :)  

After having THE biggest chicken salad sandwich and a cup of soup, thinking that I wasn't going to eat until later in the night, out came the surprise dessert! This mousse type cake was HUGE! Look in the photo above and see how TALL it is! Even with the three of us, there was no way we were going to finish it. But it was YUMMY! :)
When I got back from my desk--a surprise smoothie!! My manager will randomly bring me smoothies, but my birthday deserved a SPECIAL one :)
 With just a few hours left of work, I was so excited to be off and enjoy my evening. But then, a delivery! One of the bellman came by my desk with some flowers. I had NO idea who they would be from, and then I read the card--from my mom. :) The card was SO sweet and the flowers are beautiful! Turns out she wanted to make sure my work day still felt like my birthday, and it definitely did! :)
 Once I got home, Larry surprised me with some more flowers! I LOVE the neon fun ones and they always seem to last forever :) 

That night for dinner we went to my parents house. After a yummy chicken meal I opened gits. Craft goodies of course! I was SO lucky and excited to get the tool accessories for my Cricut as well as the Jukebox! 
 The night didn't stop there...After already getting into bed after a LONG day of excitement, my roommate had me get up for gifts! I got THE cutest princess card, some air fresheners (which I needed!) an AWESOME Coach clutch and a bag of Reeses (my fave!)
 Even though she got me out of bed, I LOVED all of my goodies! Thank you Jamie! 
To celebrate my birthday, some of my closest friends joined me at Blue Martini Lounge. I love going there--not only do they have YUMMY drinks, but it gives everyone a chance to dress up! As a girl, I love dressing up, but the guys aren't usually too excited about it. I was glad they all willingly participated...the girls came home to get ready and all the guys were ironing their clothes singing "T-shirt time" from the Jersey Shore! It was too funny!

Right before going out I opened my gift from Larry--a gorgeous Juicy purse that I had wanted! And from my friends Autumn & Tommy--a beautiful white Victoria's Secret sweater!

We started off at Blue Martini with happy hour and stayed through the beginning of the night...we had a blast!!!
My love <3
 The ladies :)
The guys :) 
Very unexpectedly as there was no one on the dance floor, Larry asked me to dance <3 SO sweet!
 We were all alone enjoying a romantic dance until the guys decided to crash it :)
 We went to Chilis afterwards for some dinner. A friend got me this ridiculously fun balloon hat! And of course, to finish the night--dessert!! We all had a blast and I was so happy the night turned out perfectly!
The following day we had dinner with Larry's mom, brother and sister-in-law, my dad and dad's girlfriend and Larry's grandmother. It was her birthday that weekend so we had a joint birthday dinner at Olive Garden to celebrate. It was good to end the weekend with a nice, quiet family dinner. To top off the evening, more flowers from Larry's father--a bouquet of pink and white flowers, 
just like I had wanted! :) 

Later in the week, I had a visitor from a fellow friend & crafter, Katie from Sew Woodsy. She brought over some delicious homemade white cupcakes and some craft goodies. I got the Wild Card Cricut cartridge, which I am SO excited to use!! It is AMAZING! As well as some Mod Podge Gold Glitter that she scored for only a dolalr at the thrift store!! :)

I truly had an amazing birthday with great friends and family and am so thankful for everyone who made it so special! <3



Unknown said...

DANG! Spoiled much!? haha =) jk! I am glad you had such a wonderful birthday =)

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

Happy Happy Birthday! I looks like you were surrounded by many people who love you!

I am your newest follower!! Have a great day!!