Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pumpkin Carving

One of my favorite things to do for Halloween is to carve pumpkins! This year, Larry took interest in carving one himself. It would be his FIRST pumpkin that he's ever carved (without the help of his parents from when he was younger!) and I KNEW it would be entertaining. We went and picked out THE perfect pumpkins and got to carving!

The part that I dislike THE most is taking out the inside goop of the pumpkin! It's so stringy, and goopy and slimey--ew! I cut the "lids" off from my two pumpkins while Larry scraped his out. I then started de-gooping mine...thankfully, Larry was able to finish my two off. :) We were each carving a pumpkin to put on the porch, while I was going to carve an additional one to bring to work for our Halloween lunch. 

After going back and forth between two designs, Larry decided on a howling wolf. He used a stencil...Time to tape it on nice and flat, and start poking his holes along the lines!
 This is what the final carving is SUPPOSED to look like!! Mind you--he picked out a level 3 difficulty for his first carving ever! (with 4 being the hardest!)

I started off with my pumpkin that I was going to carve for work. I pulled up the company logo on my phone and started drawing it on the pumpkin. I carved over the lines and it turned out just perfectly!

For my pumpkin that I was going to keep at home, I also chose to free-hand the design because I never really like the patterns they sell at the stores! With the help of Larry, we FINALLY figured out a design. The HARDEST part was figuring out what pieces needed to be cut out and what pieces would stay attached to the pumpkin. This was probably the longest and most difficult part of the evening! But, once we figured it out--I carved until I couldn't carve anymore! I may not use the same technique Larry does, but nonetheless, I get it done. :)
 Aaaand, the final products!!!
Larry's wolf turned out AMAZING to say the least! :)
 My skull & crossbones with a bow was JUST the design I wanted. Halloween mixed with feminine flair :)
My pumpkin for work with our company logo was a hit at the party!

I think everyone should carve at least ONE pumpkin for Halloween in their lifetime! It is a fun and challenging expereince. I am hoping that this will become a tradition for Larry and I :)


Moe said...

Great designs! I love carving pumpkins! Happy Halloween!

Katie said...

love your skull and crossbones!!!