Friday, October 22, 2010

Lace Masquerade Mask {Tutorial}

As some of you may know, a few friends and I are planning a bachelorette party in the beginning of November. It is a masquerade theme!! After spending all day at the spa and pool, we are going out for some drinks and dancing and everyone is asked to bring a mask to wear for that night. Not only are we trying to get everyone a little more involved, but it will also let everyone know who is with our party and provide for some really fun pictures! Of course, I definitely knew I wanted to make my mask, but knowing how much I had going on these few weeks, I DID give the Halloween stores a chance. I came across a few masks that I liked, but they were either not the right color or too big or not cute enough. SO, back to the original plan of making one myself. Ashley from Life After the Aisle needed an idea for her Halloween costume, in which I suggested the idea of a masquerade. She loved it and went with it 100%! So, we decided to make our masks together. After shopping and brainstorming, we both decided on basically the SAME idea, just with different colors. They both turned out awesome!

These are the supplies that we used. But, with the ENDLESS options of style and color, you may definitely use other things to embellish your own mask!

Blank mask; colored or white
Acrylic paint & brush (optional)
Spray Adhesive
Scrap lace
Ruffle trim
Sequin strands
Hot Glue and gun

Gather any and all fun embellishments you may already own—this can definitely cut some costs as we scrounged up the black sequin trim and paint! Good thing is, a mask is so small almost any scrap leftovers may be beneficial for you to use.

Our total cost out of pocket for the project--about $15. IF we had spray adhesive that wasn’t old or missing OR if Hobby Lobby accepted Michaels/Jo-Anns coupons, we would have probably only spent $6-8 out of pocket. All in all, a fairly cheap project if you already own spray adhesive.
Step 1. Remove the stretchy straps from your mask. If you could not find a mask in the color that you wanted, get to painting! Ashley had luckily found a gold mask, so she skipped this step. Not me, I wanted pink! I painted my mask with two coats of pink acrylic paint and let it dry. It didn’t take long at all to dry as the masks were already primed for crafting. 

Step 2. Attach your lace using your spray adhesive. We started by spraying just the center of the mask and attaching the lace. We then sprayed and worked our way towards the end of the mask, being sure that it was stretched and secured. Beware, the spray is VERY sticky and make sure to shake it well before using! Let that dry. We then trimmed any excess lace and sprayed the BACK of the mask on the edges. Tuck down your edges for a clean, finished border around the front of the mask. Cut a slit in your eyes and do the same thing—spray the back and fold over the edge of the lace inwards.

Step 3. Time for embellishments! But before you start attaching anything to the back side of your mask, make sure to insert your stretchy cord back into the mask, poking through the lace. This way you can work around the cord, but won’t have to worry about poking holes through anything you attach for it later. We first added our side accent feathers with the hot glue gun to the back side of the mask, followed by the ruffle trim and finished off with our black sequin trim around the eyes. One last step that I recommend is attaching felt on the back so that the actual mask itself doesn't rest on your face when wearing it. Let it all dry and you’re done! Ours turned out super girly with still a little bit of flair!
Think outside the box for these masks! Instead of paint/lace you could use just a fabric. Also, there are SO many different embellishments out there—flowers, ribbon, sparkly trim, spray glitter, feathers, rhinestones, sequins…you could make this mask as girly, simple or fun as you’d like!
Just trust your instinct with this project…it WILL feel weird once you put the completed mask on and no, you may not recognize yourself, but don’t fool yourself--it DOES look perfect and as it should!   



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KimMalk said...

What a cute idea. I like that you are dressing up and using lace and feathers is so fun.

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Those turned out BEAUTIFUL! Excellent job!
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